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Renting Mats vs. Buying Mats

Is renting a mat better than buying?  You might be surprised at the findings!

Myth 1: Rental mats are more economical than purchased mats.

Fact: The average cost of a rental mat is 20 cents per square foot per week.  One 3’x5′ mat @ $3 per week cost $780 over a five-year rental agreement.  The cost to purchase this mat is $100. The math is simple.


Myth 2: One mat size fits all applications.

Fact: Mat rental programs offer a limited range of mat sizes/colors/uses to minimize inventory costs, many of their mats are “finishing mats” to be used after a wiper mat. Owning your own mats provides the right type of mat, size and color for your exact needs.


Myth 3: Rental mats stop dirt and moisture.

Fact: Most rental companies use a nylon face fiber that crushes flat after a short amount of time that allows dirt to sit on top of the mat and track into the building.  This increases the overall cleaning costs because dirt and moisture are not stopped at the door.


Myth 4: Rental mats are always delivered clean and are “your” mats.

Fact: Unless you “rent” mats with your logo added, you will receive mats that range new to up to 10 years old.


Myth 5: All rental mats are changed and cleaned regularly.

Fact: Most outside scraper mats are not changed. Why pay a “rental” cleaning fee if you clean these yourself? If the mats don’t appear dirty, they may not be cleaned, and kitchen mats are usually not changed since they are often “rented” through a lease program.  In addition, the majority of  janitorial services clean mats as part of their services so paying for a rental cleaning is an added expense.


Myth 6: Rental mats are environmentally friendly and purchased mats are “throw away mats.”

Fact: Purchased mats may be made entirely from recycled materials, require only one delivery charge and are subjected to less chemicals  than rental mats. Rental mats are also washed and dried repeatedly wasting more energy than purchased mats.

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