Stop Dirt and Moisture at the Door

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Minimizing Maintenance with Mats

The proper application of floor mats can help minimize maintenance costs.

Did you know:

  • It costs $600 to remove 1 pound of dirt
  • Catching dirt at the door cuts down on the use of cleaning chemicals
  • Mats at the door greatly reduce the wear on other floor surfaces
  • It is far more economical to replace mats as they wear versus replacing permanent surface materials such as carpet, hardwood or tile
  • Mats greatly reduce slip hazards
  • Mats act as an air filter, cutting down on dust & helps HVAC systems run more efficiently

The proper way to minimize maintenance costs on your home or office flooring is to use the proper type or system of mats.

3 types of mats help lower maintenance costs:


Outdoor Scraper Mat

Scrapes or traps heavy soil and allows water to drain efficiently.


Indoor Scraper/Wiper Mat

Captures soil and dirt and keeps it below the show level.


Indoor Wiper Mat

Known as a “Finishing” mat, it absorbs the finer dirt, dust and moisture.

Use all 3 types of mats to minimize maintenance costs to your permanent flooring.  The most important mat is the indoor scraper/wiper mat - it scrapes the largest amount of dirt and soil.  If you can only afford one type of mat for your entrance mat, make sure you purchase a high quality scraper mat.

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